Make every room the right temperature.

ecovent is an easy to install, wireless system of vents and sensors that makes your home comfortable and efficient by redirecting air to the rooms that need it most. Developed at MIT, ecovent's technology offers unparalleled control and saves money by putting an end to conditioning empty rooms.

Learn more about how you can get the most comfort out of your home.

Fix Your Home Today!


Ensure the nursery is always at the right temperature!

House Image

Kids off to college? Guest rooms? Close off that empty space!

Happy People

Roomates! Spouses! Families! All can be happy!


New visitors or house guests? Let them control their own room!

The ecovent Difference

Quick Install - No Tools Required

Simply replace your current vents with our smart ones.

Energy Efficient - Saves Cost

No more heating and cooling empty rooms.

Remote Control - Anytime, Anywhere

Customize individual room temperature from any smart device or computer.

The ecovent System

Intelligent Wireless Vent

Vent System

Wireless vents that install in minutes. No wires, no fuss.

Advanced Sensor Suite


Sensors that plug into your wall, retain outlets and provide USB charging.

Complete Comfort Control

Phone with ecovent System

Control the temperature of each room from any mobile device or computer.

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