Get ridiculous

with room-by-room
temperature control

customize your system

Ecovent lets you control the exact temperature of each room.

Set the temp you want and we'll do the rest.

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Get rid of rooms that are too hot or cold

Stop conditioning empty space, save energy

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How does Ecovent get each room to the temperature I want?

Meet our Smart Vent

Opens and closes to send the right amount of hot or cool air to rooms that need it and shuts down air to rooms that don't need it. Just replace each of your vents with one of ours.

  • Vents keep you comfortable by sending the right amount of air to each room.
  • Keeps your HVAC system safe and efficient.
  • Works wirelessly and runs on four AA batteries.
  • Quieter than traditional vents.
  • Floor vents hold up to 300lbs.
  • Install it yourself with a screwdriver. That's all you need.

How does Ecovent understand the temperature of each room?

Meet our Smart Sensor

Monitors the climate of each room and sends that information to the Smart Hub in real time. Just one per room is all you need to deliver the personal comfort you deserve.

  • Plug it into a standard outlet. You won't lose plug space.
  • Detects the temperature and humidity of each room.
  • USB ports for charging your favorite devices.

How's it all controlled?

Meet our Smart Hub

It's Ecovent's brain. You just set the temperature you want for each room from your smartphone, and we'll do the rest. It tells each smart vent how much to open or close to let the right amount of hot or cool air into each room. Just one per home is all you need.

  • Your data stays secure and private with advanced encryption.
  • Works without Internet.
  • Talks to your thermostat and other home automation devices.

Free Shipping!

30-Day Return Policy

Plug and Play Installation in 15 minutes per room.

No special tools. No invasive construction.

Plug in one smart hub per home.

Plug in one smart sensor per room.

Replace each of your wall, ceiling and floor vents with ours.

Launch the app to set your temperature preferences.

Featured Stories from Homeowners

Discover: Comfort

“Ecovent eliminated the 15 degree temperature difference between rooms in my home! Before Ecovent, I thought this was something I just had to live with.”

Michael, Ecovent customer
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Discover: Home Diagnostics

“Ecovent was so smart that it alerted me that the temperature of the air coming out of my vents was dangerously hot.”

Dushan, Ecovent customer
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Multiple Vent Sizes.

If you have square, or rectangular air vents, Ecovent will work in your home with your system.

Get Smart.

Works with the Sensi™ Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat and other smart thermostats to keep you comfortable in every room.

Saves Energy.

Save in heating and cooling costs by not heating and cooling empty space.


Ecovent works over a secure wireless network that stays inside your home.

“Ecovent takes smart heating and cooling seriously”

Free Shipping!

30-Day Return Policy