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Chris from Streamwood, IL

"Ecovent SOLVED my home temperature variation problems once and for all. I installed the system over a year ago and have rarely had to adjust my temperature settings and have NEVER had to fiddle with opening/closing vents and returns when changing from heating to cooling and back. This used to be a twice yearly event followed by days or weeks of tweaking. Every single interaction with the Ecovent team from sales to shipping to support (even a few e-mails of suggestions to the CEO) have been stellar. The product performs exactly as advertised and provides a fantastic and relatively inexpensive fix to some thorny home HVAC challenges."

Jim & Sharon, from Coventry, RI

"We have a 1,800 sq ft 2 story colonial with a single zone forced air heating and cooling system. Even though the system is fairly new and high efficiency. Controlling the temp in each room was restricted to manually opening and closing vents. In the summer, this meant turning the first floor into a meat locker to keep the master bedroom on the second floor cool enough for us to sleep at night. We had seen vent control systems before, but these required professional installation and very elaborate mechanical control systems. And cost upward of $5,000 - $7,000! The Ecovent solution was a daily simple installation with minimal equipment (a plug in room sensor, replacement vents, a simple to install main control hub and a new connected thermostat). It took a little playing around with building the right programming schedule, but once we got that to the way we like it, the system has pretty much been set and forget. Now we can keep each room comfortable in both the heating and cooling seasons. And the overall system runs more economically as well, which is a plus!"

Steve from Inverness, IL

"We have a 2 story home with 4 bedrooms on the second floor, and two young children that suffered from vastly different temperatures in their bedrooms than the master bedroom where the thermostat is located. Also, the bedroom temperature differences would change from the summer to the winter seasons, so trying to get the right temperature balance was an impossible chore prior to Ecovent. Our HVAC contractor did not have an easy solution that didn't cost $5K+, so I was excited to hear about the Ecovent. Now all of our bedrooms are within 2 or 3 degrees of one another, and our kids are not freezing or sweating in their rooms."

Bradford from Downingtown, PA

"The Ecovent system has helped turned my stone cottage into a much more modern feeling dwelling. I still have all the quaint and cozy charm but thanks to Ecovent I don't have the thermoclines going from room to room anymore."

Thomas from Rockaway, NJ

"I have been living with home automation since 2014, from items like door locks, lights, celling fans and my thermostat however even with a connected thermostat I never was able to fully get whole home comfort. This was because often times one room in my home would become too hot while another was too cold. I was always looking for a system that could zone my rooms in my house but was often out of my budget, until Ecovent came around. I received my Ecovent system in January 2016 and from the first day of installation I finally was able to move from room to room in my house and feel a constant temperature. The system also allows me to keep some of the rooms in my home warmer or cooler and also allows me to make rooms ""vacant"" during night time to prevent the HVAC heating or cooling rooms that aren't used. I would recommend Ecovent to anyone that has a HVAC system and wants to have zoned rooms."

Rachel from Oakland, CA

"Using Ecovent in my 1920's multi-story home has saved me at least 20% on my heating/cooling bill! Being able to control each room independently has kept us from many arguments."