Ecovent is the ultimate climate control system for the home.

Ecovent was recently featured on Ask This Old House™.

Co-Founder Dip Patel spent the day with HVAC veteran Richard Trethewey to discuss and install Ecovent. Watch to see why Rich says "I've never seen a product that could make a bigger impact for comfort or savings".

Here is a short animation on how the system works

Balancing temperatures across a home
requires more than just vents.

Ecovent is a fully integrated system that gives you reliable control of your rooms, while making sure that your home stays healthy.

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The right airflow, at the right time

Automatically open and close to get the right airflow in every room

Quieter than traditional vents

Work wirelessly, on 4 AA batteries per vent



24/7 monitoring

Continuously check temperature, humidity, and pressure

Only one sensor required per room

Plug into a standard outlet, adding 2 outlets and USB ports



Coordinates your comfort

Protects the health of your HVAC system with SafeSense™

Connects to and controls Wi-Fi thermostats

Uses local data to measure weather impact



Control your rooms' temperatures with ease

Save your favorite room setpoints and schedule them for automated comfort

Mark vacant rooms to allow air to go where you are

Adjust your settings easily while away from home

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Common Questions

How is Ecovent different than a traditional zoning system?

Traditional zoning systems are invasive, take days to install, and ultimately can't guarantee the level of comfort you would expect for such a high cost. Ecovent gives you control over every room in your house for a fraction of the price, and can be installed in a single day.

How does Ecovent work with my thermostat?

Ecovent supports the award-winning, highly rated Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat. We make small adjustments to your thermostat's target temperature, in order to get your heat or air conditioning to run for a slightly longer or shorter time, based on the temperature in every room of your home.

Why is it dangerous for me to manually close the vents in rooms I don't use?

If too many vents are closed off in your home, pressure builds up in your ducts. This can have costly and potentially dangerous consequences. Ecovent closely monitors the static pressure and airflow at each vent and in each room, making sure to never put your home's heating and cooling equipment at risk.

How does Ecovent differ from typical motorized vents?

Ecovent offers a solution that gives you control the temperatures in your home so you don't have to open and close vents yourself. And unlike simple motorized vents, Ecovent is designed with your home's health in mind. We sense pressure and temperature at the ducts, which enables us to guarantee safe air pressure levels and also to monitor the safety of the temperature at the vent. Our room sensors track temperature, pressure, and humidity so that we can uniquely characterize the temperature gradient in each room to optimize airflow.

Why should I install Ecovent in my entire home?

In order for Ecovent to work effectively to solve the comfort and control issues so many homeowners face, it's important to replace as close to 100% of the vents in your home as possible. This is because Ecovent is an integrated system that takes in information from your entire home and makes decisions on how to control every vent to optimize comfort and efficiency.

This looks great. How do I get started?