Ecovent Named Automation Device of the Year for 2015 CEA Mark of Excellence Awards

January 8, 2015

LAS VEGAS & BOSTON — Ecovent, maker of wireless vents and sensors for home heating and cooling systems, today announced that the company is the recipient of the Automation Device of the Year award by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). Evaluated and showcased at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the Mark of Excellence Awards recognize the best in custom home electronics products, services, integration and installed technology.

“We are thrilled to be named as the Automation Device of the Year by the Consumer Electronics Association,” said Dipul Patel, CEO of Ecovent. “To have the industry authority in consumer electronics recognize our product, and the technology and design that goes into it, is particularly gratifying because there is no other organization that has the deep knowledge and insight on the best products and services for the home and ultimately, the consumer.”

Ecovent solves the problem of having rooms in homes that are too hot or too cold for the 74 million U.S. households with central air heating and cooling, by allowing homeowners to control the temperature of each room individually. Ecovent’s wireless system of sensors and vents automatically directs airflow to rooms where hot or cool air is needed. In initial installs, Ecovent dropped the temperature difference between floors from 15 degrees to 2 degrees while running the heating/cooling system 30 percent less.

Ecovent extends the capabilities of all thermostats and existing central air systems by providing room-by-room temperature control and putting an end to heating and cooling unused rooms. Ecovent works by replacing standard floor, wall and ceiling vents and installs in around 15 minutes per room without requiring construction, wiring or programming.

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